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iCooker Coffee Grinder, Manual, Portable (Black): BBQ Master Chef, Triple Grill Brush, Triple Grill Brush - Buyrectory
BBQ Master Chef Triple Grill Brush Triple Grill Brush iCooker Coffee Grinder, Manual, Portable (Black) Triple Grill Brush 0.00 New In Stock
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iCooker Coffee Grinder, Manual, Portable (Black)

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iCooker Coffee Grinder, Manual, Portable (Black)
Kitchen > HEALTH PERSONAL CARE > Cooking Equipment Accessories

Main Category: Health and Beauty
Brand: BBQ Master Chef
Manufacturer: BBQ Master Chef
Model#: Triple Grill Brush
Color: Black
Label: BBQ Master Chef
PartNumber#: Triple Grill Brush

· COMPLETE ALL AROUND CLEANING. A revolutionary mix of 3 in 1 stainless steel brush for an all around, fleckless cleaning of your grill. Not just the surface, but every hidden inch of it.
· EXTRA LONG HANDLE. With the extra long handle, you can be sure to reach every part of your grill without getting burnt. The 18 inches handle is made of PREMIUM quality, long lasting material.
· THREE SPIRALED BRISTLES ensure triple power of cleaning each part of your grill and less time spent with the cleaning.
· DURABLE DESIGN. The bristles and the frame are made of strong steel while the handle is made of long lasting, solid plastic. The top quality materials we use guarantee that your brush will not bend or soften while cleaning the grill.
· TRIPLE GIFT. When you buy the BBQ Masterchef brush, we will send you two more gifts and great helpers for your grill meals- a professional silicone tongs and a carry bag for your brush. Our third gift for you is a delicious collection of BBQ recipes that you can download right after you place your order.

You love barbeque meals with family and friends, but cleaning the grill can be a really pain after the party is over. We don't want you to think about how to clean a dirty grill after a party, we want you to think about planning the next party. That is why we give you the BBQ MASTER CHEF brush.

A revolutionary 3 in 1 brush that will make your grill as good as new with just a few moves. Forget about the standard brushes that bend after a short while and only clean the top of your grill. Discover the ultimate grill helper of the BBQ master chefs:

• PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS. Solid stainless steel frame and bristles and durable plastic material handle are the recipe for a durable, long lasting brush. The BBQ MASTER CHEF brush will not weaken or bend in time.
• TRIPLE POWER. 3 stainless steel brushes work together to clean each part of your grill. Not only the top, but the bottom and the sides.
• 18'' HANDLE. The 18 inches handle is perfect to reach difficult areas of the grill while keeping you safe from the grill heat.
• FOR ALL GRILL TYPES. You can safely use it for every type of grill, including porcelain or infrared. The woven bristles will do their job cleaning the burnt on grease, but will not scratch the grill.
• EASY TO CLEAN. You can easily wash it by hand in soapy warm water or in the dishwasher.

Our triple powerful brush deserves a triple special gift for each of our customers! ORDER NOW your BBQ MASTER CHEF brush and you will also receive:

A professional silicone tongs which is a must have tool for every barbecue master chef.
A carry bag for your BBQ MASTER CHEF grill brush.
A collection of delicious recipes for amazing barbecue meals that your family and friends will simply love.

Just click ADD TO CHART now and get yourself the greatest helper of an authentic BBQ Master Chef.

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